Can anyone could help me remember the name of a "journey to mars"-type movie. All I remember is that you see the groups of guys (about 3) chill behind some rocks and they see a group of these short green alien humanoid-shaped beings. There's a trough of water and the aliens are drinking from it. But the one at the end is slightly weak-looking, so then the group attacks it and feasts. Then either this pile of rocks starts to build itself into a organism thing and attacks them, or it attacks the human guys. But it was at least 3 times taller than them and made out of rocks.

I know these if very vague but I've tried and can not find what this is, so if any of you have a clue THANK YOU.


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You are talking about Galaxy Quest, it's not about Mars but the scene does take place on what looks like a Martian landscape. The pertinent scene is on Youtube if you want to watch it to make sure. Here is also a picture of the rock monster:

The rock alien from Galaxy Quest

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