I've been looking for a movie that I saw when I was growing up. Here's what I remember from it:

  • There was a cyborg (or cyborgs)

  • I think at some point the main cyborg was conflicted between being the bad guy and good guy (this one may just be a figment of me trying to remember it so many times).

  • It's possible that one of his eyes was a light

  • They were on some sort of space station/spaceship

If I saw a screenshot or scene I think I'd remember it but I've looked for a couple years and haven't had any luck. I'm guessing that I saw it in the late 80s or early 90s on TV so it might have been a 70s or 80s film.


Could it be Earth Star Voyager?

It's from 1988 and contains many of the features you've mentioned including a cyborg with a light for an eye and a spaceship.

enter image description here

You can watch the full movie online below:

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I suspect (mainly because I have no better ideas) that you're thinking of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "The Best of Both Worlds", part 1 and part 2 from 1990; while not a movie, when broadcast on TV with commercials, it is an hour per episode. The guys who put the "Borg" in "cyborg" kidnap the starship's captain and turn him into one of their own, and while he doesn't get a light for an eye, he does get a light next to an eye. At the end, the ship's crew have to hack into his systems and get him to remember them and turn back to good, and he has to fight against his cyborg implants to meet them halfway.

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