In the Anita Blake Saga lycanthropes of all kinds exist. When they shift forms, they expel a clear thick fluid that somehow manages to get on everything nearby but them (they somehow remain dry during the process).

What is this fluid?

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I've been through the books and I've been unable to find any canon description of the precise nature of the bodily fluids that are being expelled, nor why there's such a great temperature generated during the process.

Given that it's repeatedly described as a hot/clear/viscous bodily fluid, the obvious choices are blood plasma, intracellular fluid or serous fluid but frankly, none are especially suitable given that they're variously yellow or red. I think we can simply assign this to the other-worldly nature of the shapeshifting seen in the novels. If we apply real world physics to the transformation process, then we'll tie ourselves in knots.


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