All I recall is the protagonists may have been kids (perhaps a boy and a girl). I seem to recall them either crash landing on an unknown planet, and constantly trying to outrun large spherical (probably red coloured) sentinels that were trying to kill them. I think the sentinels were Cyclops with lasers that were coming out of their eyes.

In the quest understand the history and why they were being hunted they discover a long lost underground city, with noone alive. And culminates in finding a room / hall with a weapon (looked like a rocket launcher or something). Leading up to a weapon was the dead body whose last moments may have been trying to reach the weapon.

Anyway they get the weapon, but the video tape ended.... I have been hunting for this for decades.... Please help.


I believe you are describing the 1984 OAV "Birth." The ending isn't very far beyond what you've already recalled.

  • It is also known as The World of the Talisman and Planet Busters, but as far as I gathered the original title is Birth. I posted a link to the answered question I asked some time ago, it was about the same movie – silvith May 13 '13 at 12:26

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