I am trying to identify the author and title of a short story with the following plot.

A scientist narrates a story where s/he is called in to help the army investigate an unexplained phenomena. The army has cordoned off an area where a prairie home has appeared. It is surrounded by a dome that allows things to enter but not to leave. Briefing the scientist, the Army explains that it appears that it is a family of five with mother, father, son, daughter, and grandfather. They look completely normal and live an idyllic life of the 40s or 50s.

They continue to send probes in to investigate the dome and its proprieties. Not sure if this a time anomaly or another dimension.

An Army lieutenant, so enamored by their life runs through the barrier to join the family. The Family faces split into an unnaturally wide smile full of sharp teeth runs towards him and tears him to pieces & eats him. The grandfather then looks up acts as if he can see the forces gathered outside the barrier. He then retrieves a book and it looks as if he reads it out loud and the house and barrier disappear. The narrator worries that the aliens will return.


"Window" (1980) by Bob Leman.

From Project Gutenberg:

The plot of the story involves the discovery of a three-dimensional window on a Victorian-style house and family. The window is created in a minor military research experiment that goes awry. [...]

... their surprise turns to horror when the youngest member of the Victorian family rushes towards the man who crossed over, leaps for his throat... [..]

Before the researchers know what to do, the man in the Victorian-era window takes a thick, worn, Bible-like book, chants some words, and the window vanishes.

Also a Night Visions TV episode named "A View Through the Window/Quiet Please" (2001).


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