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Moghedien is one of only two Forsaken to survive Tarmon Gai'don. [She has an adam placed around her neck by a Seanchan suldam.]


Hessalam is one of only two Forsaken to survive Tarmon Gai'don. [She (Graendal) has a compulsion weave backfire and is under Aviendha's control.]

So, that's two. But then there's:

Egwene finds Mesaana alive in the waking world as "Danelle", but reduced to a childlike state and soiling herself, her mind having been broken. Unable to respond to summons, the Dark One considers her to be dead.

What happens to her after TGS? Does this then make three rather than two?

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I would venture to say for Mesaana that

you can't really be considered a Forsaken anymore if you have lost all mental capacities. I doubt she even remembers who she is anymore. In this sense, being "alive" simply isn't the same as "surviving". The person who was Mesaana is dead to the world.


Sadly, the only man who could supply us with that information is worm food now. Sanderson could only go on what notes he had, and the rest of it - as unsatisfying as it was - came from his own mind. Now there's a thread worth discussing!

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