I'm looking for a book that I can't quite remember the title or author of. As far as I remember it is a young kids or teens book.

It's about these very smart bug-like creatures that I believe are metal or something high-tech. The human doesn't listen about not opening the box and that is what the story plot seems to be about from what I remember. Please help me. I thought it was something called 'The Box- Don't Open it'. But I can't find it.


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Your description is a reasonably close match to The Boxes by William Sleator. From Amazon.com:

Annie's Uncle Marco goes on one of his mysterious trips, leaving her in charge of two sealed boxes on one condition: she must not open either one while he is away. But she is tempted...and soon she has unleashed the unspeakable. The creatures inside the box are crab-like and grotesque. And they possess a power Annie could never have imagined: the power to transmute time.

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