I'm talking about the "crap, we dialed Pittsburgh" city. Was that a set or an actual city/town? And if it was a city/town, does anyone know where that is?

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It looks like the location is Terminal City Ironworks in East Vancouver.


Four months later, I found Stargate Universe filming a planetary visit at the old Terminal City Ironworks site (often used by film & TV productions) in East Vancouver. SGU filmed there for several days with a CGIed Stargate inside one of the buildings and virtually the entire cast there, with the exception of Robert Carlyle (Rush) and David Blue (Eli) left aboard the Destiny in studio. I photographed a green-screen on the roof to CGI a scene of Louis Ferreira (Col. Young) looking down on a deserted city: “It wasn’t abandoned. These people were wiped out.” I didn’t stick around once they finished the roof scene and moved inside, so I didn't get to witness any of the cast`s crazy antics or shenanigans often involving cutup Ferreira, but I did see a happy and relaxed Jamil Walker Smith (Master Sgt. Greer) and Alaina Huffman (TJ), with her two young children, chatting outside their trailers with crew and fans while Ming-Na (Camille Wray) strolled around the block in the sun. SGU filmed other key scenes of this deserted city at the old Watchmen set in Burnaby. And the scenes ended up in the penultimate episode of the SGU series, in fact of the entire Stargate TV franchise.

Also a link to an interesting thread here: http://forum.gateworld.net/threads/80075-Blockade-(219)-General-Discussion/page8 where there is some arguing as to whether it is the same location as Sateda: enter image description here

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I have seen nothing stating for certain, but as SGU is filmed in Vancouver, I would guess that it's either a street in Vancouver or the studio back lot there.

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