Why didn't Dooku use Force lightning on Anakin or Obi-Wan on his final duel on the Invisible Hand? Its his best tactic, and he used it in the first duel and all TCW duels ta boot.

  • Is it possible that Palpatine didn't know he could use it? The other times Palpatine wasn't present, on the Hand he was. If so, then it might be a secret Dooku would have liked to keep for the time he tried to overthrow Palpatine and become the master himself. All of this is dependent on Dooku knowing that Palpatine == Sidious, of course; I'm not well-versed enough in SW lore to say if that (or any of this) was the case.
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As we saw in Dooku vs. Anakin 1, force lightning only worked on Jedi who didn't know it was coming. A lightsaber proved an effective defense for both Obi-Wan and Mace Windu when they faced the lightning. With no advantage of surprise Dooku used telekinesis instead, which was enough to disable Obi-Wan.

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