How was the (non-holographic) holographic alien supposed to be able to move through solid material? They mentioned a theory with "silicon magnetics" but it went over my head.

Silicon Alien - Seaquest

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The script was pretty clear on the order of events;

1) There's silicon dust in the air 2) The aliens can manipulate silicon using their science 3) The alien we see isn't a hologram but rather a visual illusion caused by manipulating the silicon in the air

Interior Launch: by hole in alien ship

Manilow Crocker: Almost got it. We’re all through, Commander.

Scott Keller: Take an atmosphere reading. Heavy silicon compounds, large concentrations of xenon and argon.

Tim O’Neill: Traces of carbon, helium; parts per million asbestos.

Scott Keller: Not breathable, but it’s not gonna corrode our suits either.

and then a few minutes later;

Professor Martinson: I would say more a hologram, a projection, like myself. I call attention to your earlier encounter with the alien. Notice the sand residue when it passes through the bulkhead.

Kristin Westphalen: Could this be silicon magnetics?

Professor Martinson: Unproven, though that would be an answer.

Kristin Westphalen: Such as our magnets attract iron, their’s could attract free floating molecules of silicon which pull together into the shape we see.

Nathan Bridger: So while his magnetic field can go through that wall, the material he attracts can’t.

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