In Ultimate X-Men #18 when Xavier talks about how he and MacTaggert started their work, he mentions "Boys made of steam, dogs made of ice cream." Even if this is a humorous remark, it still seems to imply that animals being super-mutated somehow isn't unheard of. Is this established in any other place in the X-Men universes?


In the Ultimate X-men universe, there are a number of mutated animals who appear in the series. One of them, Prosimian is one of several super-evolved apes freed by the Brotherhood of Mutants from a lab. Prosimian is responsible for arranging the rescue and psychic deprogramming of Magneto during Ultimate X-Men 25.

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Some speculate that Wolverine himself is a mutated animal.Take this sampling from X-men #103...

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Some believe that the Leprechaun is giving a clue into Len Wein's (creator of Wolverine)idea that "Wolverine is an actual wolverine". Couple it with this from X-men #98 and you may have a convincing case...

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