In 1942, Lester del Rey published Nerves, a novella about an accident at an atomic plant; in 1956 he published a new version of it, expanded to a novel. I read those two.

According to the ISFDb, there is a 1976, slightly revised, version of the novel. Does anybody know more about the differences between the 1956 and 1976 version, especially regarding the verisimilitude of scientific and technical details?

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The most recent version was revised slightly in 1976. Del Rey himself wrote “In planning a sixth printing, the publisher has kindly permitted me to go over it again. A third of a century has passed since I first wrote the story, and I can look at it far more objectively. So again I've revised it slightly, eliminating inconsistencies, expanding a bit for clarity, - but essentially leaving the story as it was always meant to be.” (source the Historical Note appendix found in the 1976 Ballantine edition.)

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