In watching a good chunk of Star Trek episodes, there are several mentions of Enterprise officers ending up commanding a starship (e.g. Worf commanding the Defiant or Crusher commanding a Science Vessel).

Which main characters across the different series ultimately command their own starship?

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If you count temporary You Are In Command Now situations, the answer is going to be pretty close to "all of them". So I'll ignore those (though I'll include command situations within the show's run that were either official or expected to be permanent). Corrections are welcome (especially for Voyager and Enterprise, which I'm less familiar with).

Original series crew:

  • Kirk is in command of the Enterprise during the show's run.
  • Spock commands the Enterprise in the period right before Wrath of Khan, when it's being used as a training ship. He also commands the Jellyfish in the reboot (though that's a one-man non-Starfleet ship...)
  • Sulu commands the Excelsior in The Undiscovered Country (and that one Voyager episode).
  • McCoy, Scotty, Chekhov, and Uhura never get assigned their own commands (unless you want to count the Enterprise-D shuttlecraft that Scotty ended up with in "Relics").

TNG crew:

  • Picard commands the Enterprise-D.
  • Riker takes command of the Titan in Nemesis.
  • Dr. Crusher is seen in command of the Pasteur in the alternate future shown in "All Good Things..."
  • Data commands the Sutherland during the Romulan blockade in "Redemption".
  • LaForge commands the Challenger in the alternate future shown in the Voyager episode "Timeless".
  • Troi, Wesley Crusher, and Tasha Yar never seem to be in command of anything.

DS9 crew:

  • Sisko, Worf, Dax, and Kira all spend time in command of the Defiant.
  • O'Brien, Bashir, and Odo never seem to command anything (except for temporary stints on runabouts).

Voyager crew:

  • Janeway commands Voyager.
  • Chakotay ends up in command of Voyager in at least one alternate timeline (in "Before and After").
  • Tuvok is placed in command of Voyager in "Resolutions".
  • Harry commands the Kraylor medical transport Nightingale during the episode of the same name, and commands the Starfleet ship Rhode Island in the alternate future of the series finale.
  • Neelix has his own ship (the Baxial) at the start of the series. Voyager keeps it aboard, and it gets used several times during the show's run.
  • Paris, B'Elanna, Kes, the Doctor, and Seven of Nine never seem to command anything.

Enterprise crew:

  • Archer commands the Enterprise.
  • T'Pol takes command of the Enterprise in the alternate future shown in "Twilight"...
  • ...and then Trip succeeds her.
  • Also in the "Twilight" future, Reed is assigned command of the Intrepid, but he gets killed and then the reset button gets pushed before the beginning of his stint.
  • The mirror-universe version of Hoshi ends up in command of the Defiant by the end of "In A Mirror, Darkly".
  • Mayweather and Phlox never seem to command anything.
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    In addition to my edit, Paris also briefly had his own ship (Alice), in the episode of the same name (6x05), though I'm not sure if that counts.
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    (And I think Alice is in command of herself...)
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    It's also worth noting that Riker was repeatedly offered his own ship long before he took command of the Titan. He could have been captain of the USS Drake in 2364 before he joined the Enterprise-D, then the USS Aries in 2365, then the USS Melbourne in 2366. He was then given a field promotion to captain in December of 2366 and took over the Enterprise-D to rescue Picard. So he could have made captain a full 15 years before he took command of the USS Titan. Worf was also in command of the IKS Koraga, but only his mirror universe self truly had his own ship. Jul 23, 2013 at 7:13
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    T'Pol was in command several times (she was the first officer after all), not sure if any of those situations count though. AFAIK, both Trip and Reed were captains in one of the alternate futures. I'm pretty sure Scotty was a captain (by rank) in The Undiscovered Country, I don't know if he had a command though. Jul 23, 2013 at 22:22
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    Wasn't there one episode or so in Voyager where the Doctor got some kind of command upgrade and piloted/commanded the Voyager all by himself, because the entire crew was somehow incapacitated? I vaguely remember such an episode. That wouldn't count as a you're in command situation, because I think it covered several days or even weeks of time in universe. Jul 25, 2013 at 12:10

Non Temporary Duty:

Not counting the captains... Nor mirror universe

TOS: Sulu is shown in the movies to captain an Excelsior class. Spock is captain of record when the Enterprise is a training ship (ST II)

TNG: Riker moves on to the Titan in Nemesis. Dr. Crusher gets the Pasteur (All Good Things) LaForge has command of the Challenger in 2290 (Timeless)†

DS9: Colonel Kira takes over DS9 when Captain Sisko "disappears."

Voyager: None. We don't see any future bits for these characters, and all commands are temporary duty, not "permanent party assignments".

† Included because the time-loop has to occur in order to exist. It's not an alternate timeline; it's a temporal anomaly.


It depends on whether you include the books as well. Riker commands the Titan. Crusher, at least in an alternate universe, commands the USS Pasteur. La Forge is seen to command vessels in Voyager too, which in the episode Timeless (Season 5 Episode 6) was named as the USS Challenger. I think Ro Laren also commanded DS9 in the Typhon Pact books as well. Not 100% sure about that one though.

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