I read this book at school in the early 1990's. I seem to remember the title being "Summer of [blank]" "Spring of [blank]" etc.

It's centred on a village that has a stone circle. I vaguely remember the boy having an archaeologist father, and travelling through a secret passage in a Stonehenge-like stone circle and discovering another world underneath.

The characters in each book were recurring in each book of the series, but on different points of their time line.

A snake definitely became a major plot point in the later ones (possibly winter and autumn?) I would really appreciate any one who could even say they've read the books! This has been bothering me for years!


The story you describe has a lot in common with the tv serial Children of the Stones, including a stone circle, a scientist father, serpent imagry, and hidden passages.

The story was novelized in 1977, according to Wikipedia.

But I don't believe there was ever a 4-book series based on this story.

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  • No there was a single book based on the TV series. Fairly certain it wasn't Children of the Stones as many of the details don't match. – TheMathemagician Aug 2 '13 at 10:10

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