In the movie Real Steel, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) finds a robot which is badly damaged. Max (Dakota Goya) had a word with the machine and the machine responded. Later on the Charlie says that it mimics human actions.

  • Then how did Adam (the Atom boxing robot) respond to Max in the beginning of their interactions?

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In Real Steel, the robot dubbed Adam was created with a "shadow function" allowing it to mimic movements it sees. This would allow it to be used as a training partner. It's armored chassis allowed it to sustain massive damage and continue to function. There may have been a voice-activated command function.

Atom is an obsolete Generation-2 sparring bot from 2014. Atom was designed to sustain massive damage. Atom also has a "shadow function" which allows him to follow or copy human movement. Wikipedida -> Real Steel

Shows the "shadow function" in action.

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