This movie was made in the last 15 years or so.

A high school girl and other random people are on seizure medication, and at a certain age get bumps on their foreheads. They somehow find out that they are human form of aliens which are small worm like creatures. Their race passed by Earth in a tiny black space ship the appearance and size of a large black sea urchin and somehow infect 2 men is a space station. They somehow attempt to rejoin their race. At one point a girl who is a member of their race in human form walks into a pond.

It was a very strange movie, but I would like to see it again. Google can't find it.


I found it!

"Earthling", 2010

After a mysterious atmospheric event, a small group of people wake up to realize that their entire lives have been a lie. They are in fact aliens disguised as humans. Now they have to make a choice. Live amongst men, or try to find a way back home

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