There appears to be a definite jump in time between the end of Twilight Watch and the beginning of Last Watch. Do we know how much time has passed?

IIRC, Nadya was three in Twilight Watch. I vaguely remember seeing her age mentioned in Last Watch, but cannot locate the passage.

  • Also, Edgar had gone a long way between Twilight Watch and Last Watch, it sure was more than a year.
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You are correct, she is listed as being five years of age in chapter 1.

К сожалению, нашу дочку не обманешь, будто вампиров не существует. Она их прекрасно видит. Еле-еле отучили громко высказываться в метро или троллейбусе: «Ма, па, глядите, а вон дядька-вампир!» Пассажиры-то ладно, спишут все на детские глупости, а перед вампирами как-то неудобно. Некоторые и на людей никогда не нападали, честно пьют донорскую кровь и ведут вполне благопристойную жизнь. А тут посреди толпы пятилетняя малявка тычет в тебя пальчиком и хохочет: «Дядька неживой, а ходит!»

Unfortunately, our daughter can't be told a fib that vampires don't exist. She can see them perfectly well. We just barely taught her not to say it out-loud in the trolley-bus or a subway: "ma, pa, look, that guy is a vampire!". Passengers aren't an issue, they will think it's kids' play; but it's not nice to the vampires. Some never attack humans, rightfully only drink donated blood, and lead decent lives. And here they have a 5 year old brat in the middle of the crowd pointing fingers and laughing "this guy is not alive, but walking".

Since she was 3 in Twilight Watch, it means ~2 years passed.

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