Does anyone remember the name of a movie where there are two guys that are friends in the present and one had a family and was struggling financially. The friend goes back into the past (don't remember how or why) and while he is there meets his other friend as a young boy and tells him to "remember the word Yahoo". When he gets back to the present his friend has invested in Yahoo stocks and done well. It was only a side story of the real story but all I can remember about the movie.

  • The "Frequency" answer is correct, but the main character does not go back into the past - he can communicate with his family in the past via their ham radio. – phantom42 Aug 15 '13 at 0:38

Frequency released in 2000 has this as a quote, and it's given to a friend so that he can invest.

"I want you to remember this word, okay? It's kind of like a code word: Yahoo. Can you remember that?"

IMDB link

It revolves around a radio that reaches 30 years into the past to talk to his dad, and is used to help solve a serial murder.

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    “I also want you to remember to sell before 2001. And back up any data you add to Upcoming.org once they buy it.” – Paul D. Waite Aug 14 '13 at 23:12

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