About 13 years ago I read this short story in a book of sci-fi short stories. It was told from the perspective of someone who is talking to a person in a room. The person cannot see the narrator. The only other details of this story I can recall are:

  1. The narrator tells the person that certain things no longer exist such as the World Trade Center (pre 9/11) and the letter Q, and that things seem kind of "kweer".

  2. The narrator offers the person a girl, but says that she is not being offered as a "bribe" saying--and I'm paraphrasing--"the powers that be know you well enough not to offer you a piece of ass to get your attention".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Googling for "world trade center kweer" turned up:

"Just Another Perfect Day" by John Varley.

The full text is online courtesy of Lightspeed Magazine, which printed the story in August 2011. The credit at the bottom says it originally appeared in Twilight Zone in 1989.


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