In the season 6 finale of True Blood, (S06E10)

Eric is shown going up in flame as the fairy blood's effect wears off.

Has there been any information about this character's fate? I'd see any interviews with cast/crew to see if the actor will be returning for Season 7 (although in this universe, the actor returning doesn't necessarily mean the character will be).


The show runner now confirms he is alive ! but a bit crispy and the consequences of firebathing


  • Your link doesn't confirm he's alive, just that the actor will be a series regular.
    – user1027
    Aug 22 '13 at 14:51

At the moment, we know that Eric will return, but the showrunners are keeping quiet on the subject of Eric surviving:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard will return and be a regular on the show next season. Eric’s alive!

BRIAN BUCKNER: [Laughs] Well, I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him. I will say that I do long for the days when television audiences could stand to wait and enjoy the tease. But I understand we’re living in a different time. I don’t want to watch a show without him either.

  • Thanks for the answer. Guess I'll have to patiently wait for the next season. Aug 20 '13 at 13:36

A belated return to this question, which I was surprised to find did not get an updated answer during season seven.

Eric Northman tells Sookie what happened in the fourth episode of season seven (S07E04, "Death Is Not the End"):

“First I went home to Sweden, which was beautiful. But unfortunately, I triggered an avalanche that killed an entire ski village. Things got a little hectic after that.”

From there it is simple to deduce that

he saved himself by diving in to the snow, which caused said avalanche.

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