We know that Han can understand Shyriiwook and Huttese, plus at least one dialect of binary, plus galactic Common of course, so that's at least four. What other languages can he understand, if any?

I'll take any level of canonicity

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On screen, we see him respond appropriately to

Language (Speaker; Movie)

  1. Basic (assorted humans)
  2. Shyriiwook (Chewbacca; ANH, ESB, RotJ)
  3. Rhodese (Greedo; ANH)
  4. Binary (one of his droids; ESB)
  5. Huttese (Jabba the Hutt; RotJ)

Less canonical languages:

  1. Trader's Argot is from the AC Crispin Han Solo Trilogy (novels).
  2. Illodian is from Cube-McDowell's Tyrant's Test

Properly, Trader's Argot isn't actually a language, but a means of obfuscation of Basic by integrating borrowed terms and grammar. Still, it's a distinct manner of speaking that he clearly understands.

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    Quite the contrary to his on-screen persona - the guy is a certifiable genius. He can fly AND repair his ship, great marksman, understands a multitude of languages - including the Wookie language which is obviously extremely subtle...genius.
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Per Wookieepedia, Han Solo understands:

  1. Basic (native) (and speaks)
  2. Selonian (and speaks)
  3. Shyriiwook
  4. Trader's argot
  5. Rodese
  6. Illodian
  7. Huttese

Not bad for a scruffy nerf herder.

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