I have been playing WoW for years now, and I enjoy the history and story lines within the game, but find it difficult to really follow all the various character developments and motivations. Is there a 'definitive' set of books that I could read to follow the story? If so, which? I'm not referring to fan fiction or webisodes or comics.

Primarily, at least, the plots associated with the game directly, but also all the prior lore, like the initial imprisoning of Deathwing, etc.

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IMO, if you just want the essential details, my recommendation would be to read the wiki pages concerning the topics you want to know more about. You would get the same essential details by reading for a few minutes vs spending hours reading a book.


If you're interested in reading novels, these resources might help



  • Thanks. I don't mind reading novels, and I want to get to 'know' the characters better. Trying to follow everything while playing is nigh impossible. There are quite a few more books than I thought; the lists are great. Aug 26, 2013 at 17:13

The fantasy novel Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of war by Christie Golden covers in detail the events leading up to, during and following the destruction of Theramore, an event which occurs directly in the game in the Theramore's Fall scenario.

The novel also covers the interactions between various horde leaders with Garosh as he attacks theramore and lays a foundation for the unfolding drama that culminates with the Siege of Orgrimmar


If you wanna know how it all started read Rise of the Horde. This is about how it all happend and where the demons come from and where the Dreanei come from

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