In the Apprentice Adept series, book 1, Split Infinity, chapter 14, when Stile is attempting to escape from the Yellow Adept we read this.

There were cages all around. It resembled an archaic zoo. Stile identified a griffin, with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle...

Then, in chapter 1 of Unicorn Point, we see Mach disguised as a griffon, and Stile running from him.

“Griffin!” he exclaimed. “That’s a griffin! Head and wings of an eagle, body of a lion!”

Neysa made a musical toot of agreement and continued running at speed. She had known it by the sound and smell. “But there are no griffins in Phaze!” he exclaimed after a moment.

Yet there it was, and gaining on them. A classic heraldic monster. Obviously it did exist here.

Where did the disconnect happen? Is there some passage somewhere where they become extinct?


This is just one of those cases where the author made a mistake and forgot the reference to griffins earlier in the series.

That said, if you want to retcon a fix to this error, you can presume that all the griffins in Phaze were killed during the events at the end of JUXTAPOSITION.

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