I previously asked about a specific scene and found out that it was from Gundam Wing. [1]

I'm now considering watching that series, but I'm concerned that I'm not going to know what's going on if I jump straight into Gundam Wing without watching all of the previous series. I've been told that there are more than two dozen series, plus movies, and I don't have the time to watch everything.

Can I start straight with Gundam Wing without being lost? If not, which series should I watch first, or where can I read 'catch-up' material?

[1] Which episode of which Gundam anime is the scene that's burned in my brain from?

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No. Wing falls under the AC (After Colony) Gundam universe. Which includes just the anime and the Endless Waltz movie.

The main Gundam universe considered by most fans is the UC (Universal Century) universe, which started with the original Gundam anime.

Check out this Kotaku article for a summary of the different universes and if they're your cup of tea.


I think you can watch wing, in all honesty they kind of sum up what's happened before, but I don't think that it really matter. I personally wouldn't know I just started watching the fundamental series, but I think you can just watch wing

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