images that look like QR codes used to scramble peoples' brains, make them lose sight temporarily and maybe make them hear a piercing noise?

kids going through halls of school wearing sunglasses/blinders

something about black, dark, blackout? part of an SF YA anthologyi found at the library in early 2000's, maybe Firebirds? Author i think is male. thanks!


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Different Kinds of Darkness by David Langford. Summary from Wikipedia:

... a post-apocalyptic world where BLIT images are everywhere, and millions have already been murdered by terrorist attacks utilizing them. Television and the internet have been outlawed due to the proliferation of BLIT images. In order to protect children, special chips have been planted in their brains that creates a subjective and artificial darkness (which the children call "type-two darkness") to obscure any possible BLIT image they may inadvertently look at. The main characters, all school children, form the "Shudder Club", where they take turns looking at a BLIT image to see how long they last in an effort to vaccinate themselves against them.

Edit: and this, I think, is the anthology.

  • THANK YOU! I had no idea there were related stories, that's awesome.
    – zxdm
    Sep 8, 2013 at 5:13

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