In Dredd, the title character says:

"You have 20 seconds to comply!"

through a PA system to a gang of thugs before shooting them.

When I heard this I thought of the ED-209 from Robocop, who uttered the same phrase in a memorable scene.

Was this a deliberate homage to Robocop or a coincidence?


Most likely, yes.

In this interview Director Paul Verhoeven has gone on the record to say that the original Robocop film was influenced by the Judge Dredd comics.

You know Robocop (1987) obviously very influenced by the English comic Judge Dredd

Robocop's exchange with Clarence Bodecker is lifted directly from the cover of a Dredd comic.

"Come quietly -- or there will be trouble!"

enter image description here

Finally, there are rumors that the script that would eventually become Robocop was originally a script for a Judge Dredd movie which was rewritten so extensively that it was shelved and reformed into Robocop.

Given all the Robocop-Dredd history, it is very likely that the filmmakers of Dredd decided to return the reference with the ED-209 line.

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