I am so confused as in Season 4 Episode 2 of Farscape they have the usual "previously on..." flashbacks and in that there is a flashback to a scene after when the command carrier has been destroyed and Scorpius is alive and is being stripped of rank, and Bracca instated in Scorpius' place. But that never scene happened!

And I was thinking about it and I realized that there must have been an episode between the one where the command carrier is destroyed and the finale episode in season 3 because so much of the finale made no sense... Like they talked about rescuing that old lady from a ship and her sticking around after it left but that never happened so I assumed she was some weird figment voodoo. But then she is in season 4 ep 3.

Someone please help me I am so confused!

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    Noranti, at least, I think was supposed to be confusing, and the rest of the crew played on the viewer's confusion with none of them knowing her either – Izkata May 30 '15 at 7:54

From IMDB: The "Previously on Farscape" sequence features portions of a scene where Braca was promoted by Grayza to the rank of Captain and thus does not accept commands from Scorpius anymore. This scene was filmed for the previous episode "Crichton Kicks" but was deleted from it.

...I know...it hurts...


A quick search gives the impression that there was some editing done to "Lambs to a Slaughter," including a scene where the old lady and other prisoners were released before the command carrier was destroyed.

However, a quick search for deleted scenes doesn't provide said scenes, so that could be incorrect.

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