I read this story in the mid 1980's. A young boy is staying with either his grandmother, aunt, some older female care giver. The shadows in the backyard are alive, and anything brought back there that throws a shadow creates a shadow object or individual. I forget what the conflict is, I think there's some kind of evil ruler of the shadow people.

Either a dolphin statue or fountain rules there. This book was awesome but I can't remember the title. I've done several searches online and have turned up nothing. Any information would be much appreciated.


The Shades by Betty Brock, seems like it.

After Hollis washes his eyes in the dolphin fountain, he is able to see a special world whose inhabitants are the shadows of those people that have entered the garden of the house he is visiting.

  • This is it, thank-you so much! – Alisha Jun 16 '11 at 16:16
  • Of Course! @Alisha Allston, hopefully you can repay the favor by answering a few other people's questions. :) – DampeS8N Jun 16 '11 at 19:53

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