I've heard that sci-fi is on the wane as a genre. Are there numbers to reassure me that sci-fi isn't going the way of Westerns/Cowboy books?


Locus magazine publishes a lot of statistics on books published in their annual year in review. The Feb. 2010 issue says that for original novels in 2009 there were:

  • 232 SF
  • 572 Fantasy
  • 251 Horror

In 2001 there were:

  • 251 SF
  • 282 Fantasy
  • 151 Horror

Overall for the last decade, SF has stayed fairly flat but is becoming a smaller percentage of the books published across all the related genres.


Gardner Dozois publishes an anthology of short fiction every year:

In each one, he has an essay summarizing major events in the field: books published, news about magazines or websites, deaths in the field, etc. Without going back and re-reading the essays for recent years, my impression is that books and some websites are doing OK, magazines not so well.

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