I read a book that I had checked out from a public library in the 1980's. I was probably 10 years old or so. It was a fantasy book where the main character was turned from a man to a woman (or vice versa) through magic or sorcery. The setting was in more ancient times... Unfortunately that is all I can remember, but I remember loving the book! Has anyone read any titles that match this vague description?

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    That's too little to go on. Changing gender is hardly unique. What else do you remember about the book? Character traits? Historical setting? Was there any other type of magic?
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Commitment Hour by James Alan Gardener, fits most of your info but it was published in 1998.
Even though it takes place on a post apocalyptic Earth, the community resembles a 17th century village.
When each person reaches 21 years of age, they must choose a gender (male, female or hermaphrodite)


The Tamir Triad may be that book? A young girl is saved from the usurper king by turning her into a boy. When she comes of age she has to turn back into a princess to claim her throne. It's a trilogy by Lynn Flewelling.

PS: oops this book was published in 2009, so it's probably not it.


This doesn't fit your timeline, but the Elminster Series written in Forgotten Realms D&D fits the rest. Elminster is changed from a man to a woman by the God of Magic for a period of time.

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