Clara wanted to feed a head? but the head had no stomach. She says that "the head" was getting weak. Why do the zombies eat? Do they starve to death if they are already dead?


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If you haven't seen the most recent episode of the Walking Dead (S04E01 - 30 Days Without An Accident), don't read past this point.

Clara is clearly insane with grief. Her a lack of adjustment to the Zombie Apocalypse was partially due to her reluctance to fight. Unlike Rick's group, she and her companion were unable to join a group successfully. She seemed to be in a state of similar to a nervous breakdown and ultimately kills herself when she was unable to kill Rick.


As she lay dying, and she is answering Rick's Three Questions, we discover she has never killed a human being or a walker, leaving all of that work to her now-dead companion. The woman was clearly unstable and unlikely to have been able to fully integrate into any kind of normal society even by the Zombie Apocalypse standards...

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