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We all have seen Kirk reviving Khan in TOS But in the latest movie set years before this event we see Khan revived, how is that? Second part of the question is if he was again sent into space in the capsule?


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  • The question is not if Carol Marcus recognized Khan or not, it was how he got revived early and how it will pan out later, obviously the timeline has changed and both are different stories in two timelines. – Binoj Antony Oct 17 '13 at 17:08
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Admiral Marcus says that after the destruction of Vulcan they started exploring deeper into space and found the Botany Bay with the cryogenically frozen Augments. They revived Khan hoping to use his superior intellect to help them design weapons to protect against powerful enemies such as Nero, using his crew as leverage.

Had the timeline not been altered by Nero in the first movie, the Botany Bay would have remained undiscovered in deep space until the Enterprise found it later, as shown in the TOS episode "Space Seed."

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Remember that the events from the first film shattered the original series timeline.
So, in this new divergent reality, Khan was being held by Starfleet in cryogenic suspension.
The Starfleet General revived just Khan to use him and he held all of Khan's people frozen as hostages to keep Khan in line.

At the end of the movie, Khan and all of his followers were put back into cold storage somewhere on Earth.

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  • This isn't really an answer. The SS Botany Bay was launched in ~2000, long before the timeline was changed. It's JackBNimble's answer below that actually answers how it was found. – Plutor Oct 17 '13 at 16:21
  • @Plutor: Of course this is the answer, the OP asked how did he get revived early. And the answer is the disrupted timeline caused starfleet to find him earlier. My answer and Jack's are practically the same. – djm Oct 17 '13 at 17:21

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