The first sci-fi I ever read was in the middle school library (appr 1988), and to be honest I was amazed it was even there, given the size of the library. It could have fit into a McDonald's playland...

The book(s) was space travel and involved children as the main characters and at least one AI type robot. I could have sworn Asimov wrote it, but I have tried to find any book that would be written by him and in a middle school's library. I also swear at least one of the books, if not all, have the word Robot in them. I want to say there were three books, but this was so long ago, and my memory so fuzzy. If anyone can think of possible candidates for this I would be most appreciative. I would love to find these books again, somehow, and add them to my library.

I know the description is vague. I apologise for this ahead of time.

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    Do you have anything else you remember? The cover art? Any character names? Plot points? Anything you can provide may help... – K-H-W Oct 17 '13 at 16:28

Could possibly be the Norby series.

  1. Written by Janet Asimov
  2. Norby is an intelligent robot
  3. Owner/partner is a child, Jefferson "Jeff" Wells.
  4. First title is "Norby the mixed up robot"
  5. There was a collection made where the second title had books #3 and 4 in the series, titled "Norby: Robot for hire" (Collection had 3 books, each one contained two stories)
  6. Published dates run from 1983 - 1997 (First 6 books from 1983 - 1987)

That's about the closest I can find.

Note: Wiki entry for Norby

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