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I'm looking for an early 90s TV series in which aliens set up embassies on Earth. They were human-like, with a pale blue skin.

Their ships were alive and grown rather than built.

The story focused on their ambassador in the US and its relationship with a human (cop?) who discovered little by little they were not the benefactors they appeared to be.

Oh, and they used nice smartphones with retractable screens.

Well, I can't tell much more about it...

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While I admit to not having watched the series, this description immediately made me think of Earth: Final Conflict.

The primary aliens are the Taelons:


They're pale, but don't look blue to me. However, also in the Google Images search, numerous images of glowing blue humanoids came up:


The EFC Wikia describes their ships as "biomechanoid", so while I haven't seen the series and don't know for sure if they're grown, it certainly sounds like they are:

Taelon mothership

The series ran from 1997 through 2002.

  • I'm trying not to dig in too far, since I do want to watch the series at some point! – Izkata Oct 19 '13 at 17:06
  • Thanks a lot. That is the show I was looking for. I had this impression that the Taelons where blue-skinned, but they're not, maybe their environement of choice was blue-tinged as we can see on the first pic you posted. – Albert Mancko Oct 19 '13 at 17:28
  • @AlbertMancko- I remember this- the aliens' bodies were mostly energy (but not all), the ones who had 'skin' absorbed some DNA from touching humans & used it to look less spooky & threatening (that's how one described it in an episode called Defector). – Nu'Daq Jun 16 '16 at 2:57

Sounds a lot like Earth: Final Conflict to me.

The Aliens were kind of blue, they couldn't reproduce anymore and there was a cop/bodyguard type of guy who worked with the resistance if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for.

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