Haven't read it since I was a child, but I recall a story involving a young man whose father built some kind of time portal that appeared as a circular rainbow. ("No end, therefore no pot of gold" was mentioned at one point.)

During the story, I believe they move through it at least once or twice in its early, dinosaur era incarnation, and at one point have it suffer major issues when a dinosaur steps on it, and a tube-shaped volume of Dino comes through it.

Later, it's pointed at a later (historically) time, where the protagonist befriends a young girl (and makes her some clothing, which she later takes off, points at him and puts back on, to his embarrassment, as she tries to explain where it came from) who, at the end of the story, inadvertently came back with them to the 'modern' age.

Any ideas?

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The book you are looking for is Tunnel Through Time, a 1966 novel by Lester Del Rey.

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