When Snape is answering Bellatrix’s questions (which also serve as a convenient plot device to explain why Voldemort trusts Snape), he says this about how much Dumbledore trusts him:

“Not quite,” said Snape calmly. “He wouldn’t give me the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, you know. Seemed to think it might, ah, bring about a relapse… tempt me into my old ways.”

So basically, he’s saying, that Dumbledore thinks letting Snape teach DADA would revert him back to a DE, but he doesn't think sending Snape back to Voldemort as a spy would as well?

Am I the only person who thinks that Bellatrix not immediately bringing this up is uncharacteristic of her?

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    I think Dumbledore didn't let Snape teach DADA coz Snape is already very good in potions (too good...) and he also didn't want Snape to get hurt & leave the school when he already has plans for him. Snape can't tell this truth to Bellatrix, so he lied. And as for sending Snape back to Voldemort as a spy Nobody knew this truth except Dumbledore and Snape! Bellatrix can't think about something that she didn't knew in the first place. – user16541 Nov 1 '13 at 6:03
  • How was I supposed to know Dumbledore sent Snape back to spy on the Dark Lord, instead of him willingly returning to serve the Dark Lord? I think I questioned him quite well with what I knew at the time! – Arya Apr 20 '17 at 14:31

Bellatrix and the Death Eaters were convinced it was the other way around. That he was spying on Dumbledore for Voldemort. And as the DADA job was cursed, there is no reason either party would want their spy in the position. As for the exchange, it is a lie. Sometimes Snape has to lie to protect his cover.

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  • This doesn't seem to really address the question. Why would Dumbledore let Snape pretend to be a Death Eater if he wouldn't even let him teach Defense Against the Dark Arts? – Alex Sep 2 '19 at 4:19
  • I did address that. It was cursed. (DADA = Defense Against the Dark Arts.) – Meat Trademark Sep 3 '19 at 15:24

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