What are good places on the web to find reviews of SF books, movies, etc.?

A good review site:

  • explains why one might or might not like a work, not just listing synopses
  • offers many reviews to choose from
  • makes it easy to search for the works you may be interested in
  • provides ways to get an impression of whether you'll agree with a particular reviewer

Please contribute the review sites that you like. Amalgamated sites that collect reviews from many people are preferred. Series from a particular reviewer are also ok, but please don't post links to single reviews.

Answers are sorted by media; please add to the existing answer for each media.


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Some great sites for SF book reviews

  • SFRevu has a fair number of reviews.

  • SF Crowsnest has lots of reviews.

  • I particularly like the reviews at Strange Horizons, although they review only three books per week.

  • It seems that SF Site is running fewer reviews than it used to, but there are still a fair number.

  • Tor.com is a community hub sponsored by the largest US SF publisher. They have a fair number of reviews (books from all publishers -- the reviewers don't favor the home team). Jo Walton is an exceptionally perspicacious reader.

  • SF Signal is an SF news site that runs a few book book reviews (maybe 2 per week), but their daily roundup includes links to reviews on other sites.

  • I know it doesn't fit all of your criteria, but it you're interested in SF book reviews, you should check out Locus. It has been the best single source for SF book news for decades. The magazine reviews dozens of books each month. Unfortunately, they post only a few reviews to the web, and digital issues (pdf, mobi, & epub) have been available only since January 2011. The website also has:

    • Very good coverage of other SF publications, including what they review.
    • Links to reviews in non-SF outlets.
    • A very good list of SF links (scroll down to "Reviews, Interviews, Commentary")
    • An index of reviews in the print magazine
    • A comprehensive index to SF awards.
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    Hasn't Strange Horizons closed down?
    – apoorv020
    Jun 30, 2011 at 9:17
  • @apoorv020: No, the most recent content at Strange Horizons is dated 27 June, 2011. Maybe you're thinking of Salon Futura, which went on hiatus last month. Or SciFiDimensions or The Internet Review of Science Fiction, which both closed last year.
    – sjl
    Jun 30, 2011 at 11:58
  • Actually, I was thinking of Speculative Horizons. It closed last december.
    – apoorv020
    Jul 1, 2011 at 6:08

Books and short stories

Large collections

  • Amazon has reviews for the books they sell, but the reviews tend to be unreliable.
  • Goodreads - A free social network based around books, has aggregated book ratings etc.
  • ISFDB has extensive bibliographic information and occasional reviews of books and stories.
  • LibraryThing allows people to share book lists and reviews.
  • The Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written has tens of thousands of reviews.

Topical collections

Reviewer blogs

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    I'm hesitant to accept Amazon as a source of reliable reviews. A quick look at the jobs on many writing bid sites shows that online product reviews can be bought. Jun 30, 2011 at 2:35


Large collections

  • IMDB indexes just about every movie and carries user reviews.
  • Metacritic collects movie reviews.
  • Rotten Tomatoes rates movies, and links to reviews.