I've been wondering about this for a while since on the 11th doctor's episode he mentioned something about jelly babies.


The Second Doctor started the trend.

He ate Jelly Babies in The Dominators, the first time they were seen on screen. He was seen with them in The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors, too.

Three liked them too, apparently.

It's not strictly canon, but the audio adventure Ghost in the Machine has Jo Grant find them in his pockets.

The Fourth Doctor used them as a running gag.

He's the most famous for them because the writers had him tossing the candies around all the time... sometimes literally throwing them.

This is the specific reference, based on the voice Smith is doing, in the episode where he channels the previous Doctors.

The Fifth Doctor...

...used them for barter in an audio adventure.


...had them in his pocket during The Mysterious Planet.

Seven liked them too.

In the TV Movie he ate them and carried them in his pocket.

Eight used them in the same film...

...he extolled their virtues as a method of distracting a police officer.

And Ten seems to have been trying to kick the habit.

Based on audio and prose stories, he was trying to resist his age-old fondness for them.

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