It had different sword masters and styles, all coming together to fight a greater evil. The styles had different names and if I recall correctly the masters were more like dancers. I wish I had more to offer.

I 'think' it had a northern feel to it. Like Norse almost.

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    Was it in English? Was it a cartoon or live action? Any memorable scenes or music?
    – Stefan
    Nov 27, 2013 at 13:41

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Gotta throw out the Sword-Dancer series by Jennifer Roberson.


Hits some of your key elements- sword dancing, protagonist is a Northern Swordswoman "born of ice and storm", multiple sword dancing masters.


I keep checking back to see if there are more details. Is it a written work? if so, I've got a possibility in mind, based on little more then a hunch.
First, I don't think I've read the book I'm suggesting, nor can I find a decent online summary. BUT, how about "A Gathering of Heroes" by Paul Edwin Zimmer? It is a prequel to his earlier Dark Border books, "The Lost Prince" and "King Chondros' Ride". Those books stand out for me due to the incredibly detailed and (to me) sometimes tedious description of sword fighting.

Istvan the Archer (don't ask), is a world renowned swordsman, a master of the three swords school of fighting, and bears a powerful Hastur blade.

However, the setting is more otherworldly-fantasy-medieval with no explicit 'Norse' elements.


I'm not sure but it sounds like it could be Dave Duncan The Seventh Sword series


The only thing that might not work is the different styles of fighting... but it could be the many rules they have a swordsman must know to advance

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