The main character was a wizard from an ancient empire that had some kind of soul stone placed in his tomb and took over the body of a female tomb robber.

I remember some kind of chess analog that the main character would teach others and one of the pieces could make other pieces stronger by "forging them" (I think it was called) and a recurring motif in the series was that all the adversity the character in the books faced was the gods forging them in a cosmic version of the game.


Mage series by Jim Farris.

The chess analogue was called chatto The main character is Eddas Ayar.

  • Book 1 - Mage
  • Book 2 - Raven of Yorindar
  • Book 3 - Arc of Time
  • Book 4 - The Wench of Woe
  • Book 5 - The Mountain, The Raven and the Sea
  • Book 6 - The game of the gods
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