While reading up on some deleted scenes from Return of the Jedi, I came across this picture of an x-wing pilot played by actress Vivienne Chandler. What I'd like to know is, who is she, what squadron did she fly with and, even though she's in a deleted scene, is she still part of the canon of Star Wars.

female x-wing pilot


According to Wookiepedia Chandler page:

hough her scene was cut, Chandler portrayed Dorovio Bold during the Battle of Endor. Her scene was not included in the Blu-Ray release of the film (sourced in this blog)

Whether she's G-canon or not is hard to tell (not being on BluRay would indicate she's not), but she's C-canon, the character's Wookiepedia page says:

Her photo was revealed years later on StarWars.com's Hyperspace, and she was later named in The Complete Visual Dictionary.

This makes her C-canon at least, and a very formal at that since she was in starwars.com Databank)

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