I remember an animated series back in the early 80s that included a space ship that looked like an old sailing ship. Thought it was Starfleet but none of the clips I can find include this ship. Ideas?

  • Did this animated series seem to be a US cartoon, Japanese/Anime, or anything else? Do you remember anything about any of the characters at all? – phantom42 Dec 20 '13 at 13:53
  • This user hasn't been back since asking the question in the first place :-(( – Valorum Oct 19 '14 at 1:03
  • I have been thinking about the same thing for YEARS!!! It was sort of a pirate ship leading a rag-tag gathering of other ships behind it. (similar to Battlestar galactica series) But the capitan was white beard? Definitely similar to maybe half pirate/half metal bottom. Like belonged in the ocean but was in space. I watched it before school, so 7am weekdays? If was in color also. – Mark Mendenhall May 15 '17 at 4:30
  • @Mark Mendenhall, there was a something resembling this in Bravestarr. I was of your age that time too, so I might be wrong – user1232690 Oct 4 '19 at 18:02

I know of two possible answers (other than Jayce given by another user).

First Answer

That could be Captain Harlock (also called "Captain Herlock" in UK or "Albator" in France). He is a space Pirate or Privateer. The series was created by Leiji Matsumoto.

Captain Harlock

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His ship called Arcadia (sometimes Atlantis) came in several different version, but essentially a green or blue type. It always had the stern of an ancient galleon, probably early 18th century. Late 18th century is less ornate (see Lafayette's ship). Captain Harlock is often shown holding the wheeel at the helm, which is much like the wooden wheel of a sailship (but wheels are found on other ships).

Second Answer

There is actually a space ship in the form of a sailship with sails in the Star Fleet (in 2 words, not one) series, aka Bomber X. It is The Skull, captained by Captain Halley. It appears in the 5th episode, and in others.

The Skull

The date is 1982. But the available information seems scarce.

  • None of the google image results for this show a ship with sails - are you sure? : ) – Grimm The Opiner Dec 9 '13 at 12:56
  • @user1158692 - Captain Harlock's ship Arcadia didn't have sails, but it was obviously modeled after an old sailing ship from the age of sail. The OP didn't mention the ship had actual sails. – System Down Dec 9 '13 at 17:56
  • I recall Bravestarr had an episode or two with sick-looking space stations resembling late XIX century battleships – user1232690 Oct 4 '19 at 17:59

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors had a spaceship that, while not really looking like a sailing ship, had solar panels that looked like sails, that gave it a similar outline.

Jayce Ship


I think you might be looking for Odin

Created in the mid-80s, all the ships look like sailing ships. :)

enter image description here


The Bobobobs

Set in the distant past, the plot revolves around a group of nomadic miniature humanoids known as the Bobobobs, who live in a part of the universe far away from the Earth. One crew of these Bobobobs, led by Bob Wouter, the captain, sets sail in the Bobular Quest, their spaceship, described as a "galleon with a protective dome".[2] They head towards Earth where they plan to save the humans from being terrorised by dinosaurs. Along the way they encounter a variety of different alien species, some of which are hostile, and use their psychic powers, such as their ability to become invisible and to teleport, to aid them.

I remember watching this in the early nineties. It's an European cartoon.


If it's a movie instead of a TV series it may be Treasure Planet. I hope this was helpful.

enter image description here

  • Please elaborate :) Why Treasure Planet? What are the similarities? Etc. – Andres F. Dec 20 '13 at 12:51
  • @AndresF. - I've added a pic that may prove enlightening – Valorum Mar 18 '14 at 0:16
  • But it's too recent to be remembered as a TV series from the 80's – System Down May 2 '14 at 16:18

There was a ship in Star Fleet/X-Bomber that was a sailing ship, called The Skull. There's a few images of it and a description of both the ship and how it ties into the plot at http://www.sfxb.co.uk/mecha/theskull.html.


Could have been star blazers/Space ship Yamamoto.

  • Can you more detail on why you think so? – Shisa Oct 19 '14 at 1:32

There was a 'ship', possibly not a spaceship in 'the martian chronicles' that looked very much like an old style sailing ship . . .

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    Was there ever an 'animated Martian Chronicles' ? Even if not, some type of reference that supports this answer would be nice. – Stan Dec 10 '13 at 15:04

Just wondering if this is Ulysses 31 (french/Japanese cartoon)

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    More information about why U31 may match, please. A link would help, too, – sjl Dec 12 '13 at 2:26

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