I am trying to find the audio book version of the Steve Erikson series. Were these audio books ever created? If they exist, where can I find them?I can't find them at any major online audio book store.

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    Uhhhh....you could just torrent them. The audio books for ALL 10 books, as far as I know, have been released. Apr 17, 2016 at 13:12

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The isfdb page seems to suggest no. I think that's conclusive, but it could be incomplete.


The Gardens of the Moon audiobook was recently released (9/2012). It's available from Amazon and Audible.com (owned by Amazon), though it's not available in all countries (e.g. Australia).


first 3 books in the malazan book of the fallen series were released consecutively each month right after the release of Forge of Darkness: Kharkanas Trilogy, Book 1. I assume the next 3 would be released when book 2 of the kharkanas trilogy(working title Fall of Light ) is released.


There is an audio book for Gardens of the Moon.

And here is one for The Deadhouse Gates.

And here is one for the Crippled God.

All the books in between also have audiobooks.

There are even audiobooks for related novels, such as Night of Knives.

It appears that they are all free with an Audible trial, so that might be the best way to listen to them.


I'd say they're too long to justify the production costs...900-1100 pages per book? A dozen or so books? You'd have to reach full-on mega bestseller status for that to happen.

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