For most part, it seems that the Asgard have the names of (and presumably interacted with humans in the past as) Norse pantheon; whereas Goa'uld impersonated Ancient Egyptian pantheon.

Were there any cases when either of the two (or any other aliens) represented gods outside Norse and Egyptian (but actual real-world) Earth myths?

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    I don't think the other races impersonated ancient earth pantheon, rather the pantheon followed the alien races. Ancient humans not able to understanding what they were seeing/experiencing became the religion/folk lore.
    – Chris L
    Feb 23, 2016 at 19:17

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There are a considerable number of Goa'uld (and other alien) characters in Stargate that represent figures from a range of Earth mythologies;

  • Ba'al, Moloc, and Qetesh represent Canaanite gods
  • Cronus, Ares, Nerus, Athena, Pelops and Thanos (aka Thanatos) represent Greek gods
  • Nirrti and Kali represent Hindu deities
  • Lord Yu represents a Chinese emperor (interestingly not considered a god in Chinese mythos)
  • Amaterasu represents a Japanese god
  • Camulus and Morrigan represent Celtic gods
  • Olokun represents a Yoruba god
  • Ishkur and Marduk represent Messopotamian gods
  • Svarog represents a Slavic god
  • Telchak (also known as Chaac) and Zipacna represent Mayan gods
  • Tiamat (a Goa'uld) and Omoroca (an Ohne) represent Babylonian gods
  • Sokar (Satan) represents a figure from Christianity (h/t to @Greenstone Walker)
  • Oma Desala (an ancient) is a literal translation of Mother Nature (according to Daniel) from Buddhist mythos.
  • Merlin (an ancient) represents a figure from Arthurian legend.
  • Very comprehensive list across a wide range of myths, well done.
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  • We shouldn't forget the various ascended beings which probably correlate with the deities from Zoroastrianism (basically a duotheist religion if you've never heard of it).
    – John O
    Dec 27, 2013 at 1:32
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    Also Satan, from Christian mythology. Dec 1, 2014 at 3:13
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The Goa'uld have actually impersonated gods from various mythologies. For example Ba'al was a Caananite deity, Cronus was the father of Zeus in the Greek mythology, and Nirrti was a Hindu goddess.

See Goa'uld Characters in Stargate.

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