I'm trying to identify a movie I saw around 2010, but forgot the name of.

Here's what I remember of the movie:

  • There is a military base with a sealed sub-level.

  • Inside that, there is a room with a body held in a sealed container. The container may look like a bath tub. It is also (if memory serves) full of some sort of preservative liquid.

  • When the container is opened, tentacle-like plant growth erupts from the chest of the dead body

  • The growth is extremely fast, and spreads in all directions

  • It quickly overwhelms the base, and spreads underground towards neighboring towns

  • The only thing that repels the growth is the blood of the protagonist

  • This is because the dead body in the tub belonged to a family member of his, who worked in the military and created this monster partly with his own cells - so his (and thus, the progatonist's) blood is not recognized as foreign by the growth creature, and thus not digested by it

  • The progatonist and his girlfriend (?) coat themselves in his blood, then travel back to the military base to infuse the blood into the creature's "growth nexus" - the spot on the dead body's chest where the growth originated when the container was unsealed

  • this kills the creature

I think I may have seen this movie on the syfy/sci-fi channel. Even if not, I'm pretty sure it was somewhere on cable TV. I don't remember much else about the movie, and I've never been able to find it since.

Can anyone help me identify the name of it?

I have tried searching phrases like "growth nexus monster movie" but had no luck.


Living Hell (2008) also known as Organizm (DVD title).

From Wikipedia:

[H]is mother once worked at the base and warned him that something terrible was stored there, in "Sublevel 3, Vault 12." [...] Inside is a sealed tank [...]. They discover a man's corpse with evidence of disease inside, but when Carrie attempts to biopsy the infected tissue, the infection comes alive in the form of giant, rapidly-growing plantlike roots. Struss is immediately killed when he tries to bolt the tank closed, and the organism grows out of the room in moments. [...] Frank is infected by a sample given to Carrie by an elderly resident, but the organism dies within his body; he realizes that his blood possesses antibodies that can kill the organism due to his heritage. [...] Frank covers Carrie in his blood for protection and they fly in a stolen helicopter back to Fort Lambert so they can kill the organism.

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