What are the 2 blue wizards' name in the hobbit? Gandalf said there were 5 wizards and that he forgot the name of the blue wizards. And are their power stronger than Gandalf's?

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Elsewhere in the canon (in "Unfinished Tales") their names are given as "Pallando" and "Alatar". Those names are used in many derivative works, eg the collectible card game.

Much later in his life he wrote more about the blue wizards and named them Morinehtar and Rómestámo ("Darkness-slayer" and "East-helper"). Since Gandalf (and Saruman) had alternative names this is not necessarily a contradiction.

This is discussed in detail at the Tolkien Gateway article.

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    Note that Jackson is not legally permitted to use these names since only material in LotR and the Hobbit is owned by Tolkien Enterprises; the Wizards names come from other sources not published during Tolkien's lifetime and are owned by the Tolkien Estate. Jackson is pushing it a little by even referring to "two Blue Wizards" in his movie. So for the purposes of the movie it is correct to say that they are nameless. – user8719 Jan 3 '14 at 14:33

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