In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the Giver hands down memories to Jonas, a 12 year old. What was the first memory the Giver gave to Jonas?


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From The Giver - very last paragraph of chapter 10:

"'I'm going to give you the memory of snow,' the old man said, and placed his hands on Jonas' bare back."


In "The Giver," Jonas' first memory is about the snow. The snow teaches him about the hill and the sled. The snow formed a hill for Jonas to go sledding on.


The first memory Jonas received was the memory about someone sledding down a hill that was covered in snow. He had felt the feeling the exhilaration of movement and speed even though he has never felt snow or strong wind or even a hill. The wind had kept his face really cold as he went down the hill, his speed growing.

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