I'm trying to recall a story where humans have died off. Dolphins are repopulating the land and a series of surgical procedures is involved. The final procedure is to close the blowhole.

There may have been a "love story" where one dolphin was going on land and the other was staying behind.

I believe that this was in a collection of short stories (possibly including "Examination Day") from the mid seventies. The story would have been targeted at seventh and eight graders.

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    Looked through IO9's "10 of the most epic science fictional dolphins", found zilch.
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Destiny and the Dolphins (1969) by Roy Meyers.

A nuclear holocaust destroys everything. There's only three humans left I believe and they repopulate the Earth.

This is the only review I could find of it that references what the story is about. It's the third book in the Dolphin Trilogy.

In Destiny and the Dolphins, a nuclear holocaust destroys all of civilization, leaving the three of them to repopulate the world. It is up to them to work out how they will engineer a new society.

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