I'm aware that there was a Ginrai and Godbomber toy for the Masterforce toyline, but was there a re-release or similar for Victory? And if there was, did God Ginrai come with the sword he uses in the show?

I don't believe there was, but I'm hoping somebody who knows the Japanese toyline might be able to confirm.

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    That said, I'm pretty certain that there was a God Ginrai toy, but that it didn't include the sword. I won't have time to properly research it until tonight though. – phantom42 Feb 4 '14 at 13:49

According to TFWiki the Super Ginrai and the Godbomber toys can be combined to form God Ginrai. The two of them were sold separately and together as a gift set. But I don't see a mention of his sword.

Super Ginrai was also sold in a gift set with Godbomber, who can interact with Ginrai in several ways. Trailer-mode Godbomber can hook up either directly to Ginrai's cab or to the back of Ginrai's own trailer and be towed along behind him, while any of Ginrai's weapons can plug into the holes in Godbomber's wings and chassis. Most prominently, of course, Godbomber diseassembles into various component parts that combine with Super Ginrai to form God Ginrai. Godbomber's legs become boots known as "God Legs", to which Ginrai's Particle Beam Cannons attach; his chest and wings form the "God Wing" backpack; his arms clip over the top of Ginrai's own as the "God Punch"; and his back becomes a chromed chestplate called the "God Breast", into the top of which the spring-loaded, missile-firing "God Cannon" plugs. The toy also features a secondary, lesser combination referred to as the "God Breaster", which involves attaching the God Breast to Super Ginrai, and plugging Godbomber's wings into his arms.

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  • In Masterforce he doesn't have a sword, but he does in Victory. As he was a popular character at the time I thought they may have re-released him and - to match the TV show - given him a sword. – VictorySaber Feb 4 '14 at 17:24
  • @VictorySaber - Doesn't seem like they did it seems. – System Down Feb 4 '14 at 17:49

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