I'm looking for a book but I forgot the title. Its a fictional young adult book where a girl is kidnapped by a man. His people are freezing to death. The girl can create warmth and heat by playing a flute-like instrument.

  • When did you read it? Was it new or old then? – Kevin Feb 7 '14 at 4:09

I was just looking for this book too!

This is Singer in the Snow by Louise Marley.

On the ice planet of Nevya, people rely on Cantors and Cantrixes, men and women with the ability to channel psi energy through music, creating heat and light. Mreen is possibly the most talented Cantrix on Nevyaabut she is unable to make a sound. She is accompanied to her first posting by a younger Singer, Emle, who must come to terms with her own flawed Gift. When the two young women find out about Gwin, a young girl whose abusive stepfather wants to exploit her psi-Gift talents, they find that in reaching out to her, they can also help themselves.



Perhaps it is Rhapsody by Elizabeth Hayden?

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